Bon biní (welcome) to ISLAND TV Curaçao

Welcome to beautiful island paradise Curaçao. Where you can have fun in the sun, shop till you drop or relax to the max. Discover all that Curaçao has in store for you!

What is ISLAND TV?

ISLAND TV is Curaçao’s fresh, fun and always up-to-date tourist information network. Aside from this website, look for ISLAND TV’s in-room tourist info TV channel available soon in the better resorts and hotels. When you are in Curaçao, all you have to do to know more about Curaçao is tune your room television into ISLAND TV where you will get a quick insight into Curaçao.

You will be guided directly to handy must-know information, great shopping, romantic dining, enticing locations and exciting attractions. The quick paced, never boring information cycle will be shown continuously and depending on its length will be repeated 12 to 24 times a day, 365 days per year.

An easy to read horizontal timeline bar on the top of the screen makes it simple to see where in the cycle you have joined the programming and what programs are coming up. ISLAND TV currently features a 25-minute program called “Spotlight on Curaçao”. In this beautifully captured footage, Curaçao’s colorful history, culture and nature come to life.

ISLAND TV is a member of the Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association.

ISLAND TV will update it’s programming and expand its services constantly, to maintain its fresh image. ISLAND TV brings useful information in an entertaining style complete with hosts and a structure and timeline that are easy to follow.